The Power of Glycerine Extracted Herbs

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(PRWEB) June 23, 2000

One of the key elements in “good old fashioned” agriculture is to allow the plants their necessary measure of sunlight required to be fully matured and developed in quality, taste, enzyme level and nutrients. Research shows very clearly that each plant reaches out to absorb into its metabolism specific lights from the color spectrum of sunlight. Certain plants are only interested in the red spectrum, while other plants reach out for violet, yellow or orange, etc.

What is revolutionary, from our point of view, is the spectrum changes that have happened on this planet in the last few years. The electro-magnetic heart beat of the earth has changed. Most magnetic patterns here have changed. The behavior of many electric fields have changed. In other words, historical changes in the aura of the earth have challenged many fields of science so drastically that many scientific experiments performed several years ago cannot be successfully repeated today. It seems like mother earth is protesting her abuse and is restoring herself to ecological harmony.

We have done herbal research since the beginning of the 70’s throughout Europe, the north American continent, Indian rain forests and other indigenous lands and found several ways to produce different forms of herbal medicine. Because our main interest, from the beginning of our full time practice, has been the peak healing result of our patients, we have conducted exhaustive trials with many forms and varieties of herbs grown in the rain forests, farmlands, deserts, mountains and river bottoms, etc. Added to that, we researched many forms in which they can be used; capsules, teas, alcohol and vinegar based tinctures, syrups, herbal baths, suppositories and oils to name a few. We have found that all of them have their own place in natural healing treatments, but one method of preparation stands out in its field more than any other. It is more deeply healing, has faster results and neutralizes more body toxins. The herbal preparation to which we have so boldly proclaimed our choice is called cold extraction in pure vegetable glycerine oil.

Glycerine is an essence of fat extract, or sugars derived from pure vegetable oils; a concentrate of a concentrate. It is one of the strongest preservatives in nature and is milder on the digestive system than either alcohol or vinegar tinctures.

The body in its need for nutrients, doesn’t reach out directly for vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates or proteins separately, but for the full light frequency those different substances carry. We literally live on light, not matter. Glycerine has the remarkable ability to assimilate and hold the full spectrum of sunlight from plants that no other extractive product can offer.

Like ours, the works of Dr. Enderlin of Germany, Dr. Naessens of Canada, and Drs. Flanagan of America on Somatids, tiny “light” bodies found in abundance in healthy organisms, finds that Somatids are the precursors to DNA and may actually be the “life force”. Activated Somatids are actually carriers of enormous amounts of light into the cells which have a consciousness raising effect, and will have a positive impact on the human species.

Dr. Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Prize recipient in medicine, demonstrated that living cells can be kept alive indefinitely under specific circumstances. Dr. Carrel said, “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. As far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.”

The fluid in which cells float is cellular water composed of liquid crystals. When this fluid is deficient in crystal light the cell begins a death process by keeping toxic substances inside the cells, which damages the cell itself. We find the improved regenerative properties of the combination of herbs cold extracted in vegetable glycerine to be unsurpassed.

According to our findings, no method of herbal extraction, other than that performed in vegetable glycerine, carries this high amount of activated Somatid light bodies. Remarkably enough, our findings also indicate that the level of peak frequency light, including Somatids, are constantly growing in the herbs extracted in vegetable glycerine. So the extract, after some time, actually contains more healing properties than the freshly cut herb possess on its own. The other part of the high amount of healing energy in this kind of extract comes through the personal auric energy field of those who prepare and handle each ingredient part of the final product.

During the course of our research we found glycerine extracts to be indigenous to European culture. In first using that method of extracting, rather then alcohol or vinegar, we immediately found better, faster results. Now after fine tuning our herbal treatments we have developed single herbs and herbal combinations cold extracted in pure vegetable glycerine and combined them with herbs containing a specific color frequency, to create a team frequency that is many times stronger then their individual components. We find those plant frequencies, when teamed together, have more remarkable healing power than any other form of herbal preparation. Naturally, we call it Peak Frequency Plant Medicine.

by Jonathan Thunder Wolf & Morning Spirit Wolf

Doctors of Raphaology Medicine

Fresh ideas in Stress Management

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(PRWEB) June 23, 2000

Unless you are some kind of “transcendental guru” sitting atop a hillside somewhere, it is likely that your life contains too much stress. Stress is not just “in your head” and although there are lifestyle and decision making factors which likely contribute to the problem, the rest of the iceberg is there, underneath the surface waiting to be faced and dealt with.

I will not bore you with statistics, figures, or management styles for it is not my intention to show you the top portion of the “iceberg of stress”, but the unseen, the part which really matters.

Stress is not a naturally ubiquitous condition, there are many groups of people in the world who live virtually stress free lives, such as indigenous or aboriginal people. Sometimes, stress is a result of fear, which in nature can help us to survive. For instance, if a tiger is nipping at our heels, it will make us afraid and stressed, hopefully resulting in a change of behavior to remove our bodies from immediate danger.

Regardless of the “external” pressures which stress us, or the top 10% half of the iceberg, I am writing about the “internal” pressures which is the true stress causing culprit which can make life unbearable. Stress is often defined as “force, pressure, or strain”, a condition which is generally abnormal in the human body. Stress could also be defined as “excessive workload”.

The human body is designed to ingest nutrients and eliminate waste. It needs nutrients in order to function and it must constantly gather and eliminate waste in order to function efficiently. (imagine how difficult it would be to walk around in your kitchen after a month or two if you never took out the trash)

With this in mind, then, you can see that the more nutrients one consumes and the less waste one consumes or is exposed to, the easier it will be for their body to function. Easy = low stress.

If one eats a strawberry, it takes the digestive system a certain amount of energy to process that strawberry, and usually a net gain in energy and nutrients for the effort. However, if that same strawberry, is covered with pesticide, now the body not only has to digest the strawberry, but has to work hard to locate, separate (via a mucous quarantine), and eliminate the pesticide as well. Result: Stressed body and lower net gain of nutrition/energy from the strawberry.

Now, if you look at the preceding in a logical manner, it seems obvious that, at the very least, the more pesticides (or other non-desirable substances) that you eat, the harder your body must work to dispose of them. This extra work in turn uses up more of the available energy/nutrients. Thus, the more “non-desirables” you eat, the harder your body must work and the more you have to eat to survive and thus more undesirables to get rid of. Further, the harder your body has to work to eliminate poison, the more stressed it becomes, the more stressed it becomes, the more waste products the body itself creates.