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(PRWEB) October 12, 2000

SNELLVILLE, GA – Preventive Therapeutics, Inc.(PTI), manufacturer and marketer of high quality, unique dietary supplements introduces Complete Thymic Formula by nutritional pioneer, Carson B. Burgstiner M.D. Dr. Burgstiner’s Complete Thymic Formula® (CTF) and Vitamin/Mineral Complex combines cutting edge nutritional support with hormone replacement therapy for the thymus gland. It is perhaps the most comprehensive all natural dietary supplement available today. CTF contains a synergistic blend of herbs, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, thymic and other glandular extracts, antioxidants, enzymes and whole food extracts. This remarkable product is designed to provide a solid and wholesome foundation of nutritional support while making available factors that nourish and strengthen immune function.

Complete Thymic Formula® uses a patented Controlled Delivery System™ to maximize the absorption and assimilation of nutrients, which are selectively delivered at the right time and place along the digestive tract. In effect, this technology gives the formula an “innate intelligence”, recognizing that fat soluble nutrients are optimally absorbed along a certain section of the digestive tract and water soluble nutrients along another. The spray/freeze dried materials are hydrolysated (made water soluble) for optimum absorption. The food factors have a natural coating that protects them in the acidic environment of the stomach, making them available in the small intestine where most absorption takes place.

PTI formulas contain no artificial colors or flavors, and are sugar, starch, salt and preservative free. Dr. Burgstiner’s Complete Thymic Formula is distributed through a network of select health food stores and medical practitioners nationwide. For more information on where to find PTI products, call 1-800-556-5530 or visit

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