Therapeutic Target for Eradicating Cancer Identified New natural therapy for controlling cancer metastasis succeeds where pharmaceutical drugs have failed

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(PRWEB) June 8, 2002

Emeryville, Calif., June 6, 2002 – A scientific breakthrough in cancer research has been made by one of Europe’s foremost medical pioneers, Matthias Rath, M.D. Dr. Rath’s research provides evidence that the spread of cancer cells can be inhibited by the use of natural substances. The impact of these natural substances is in stark contrast to synthetic drugs that often bring with them debilitating side effects, and commonly are too specific in physiological focus to achieve overall effect. Dr. Rath and his team of scientists investigated the enzymes known as matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) that cancer cells use to digest surrounding connective tissue and spread in the human body. Their research revealed that a specific nutrient combination containing the amino acids L-lysine and

L-proline, vitamin C, and a polyphenol fraction from green tea acted as a natural inhibitor of MMPs.

Dr. Rath’s approach has been successful where pharmaceutical drugs have failed miserably – an admission even the pharmaceutical industry itself has had to make. In less than one week after Dr. Rath announced his cancer research breakthrough in a public lecture in San Francisco, San Francisco Chronicle staff writer Bernadette Tansey reported in a two-page article in the business section (May 12, 2002) that several synthetic matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors (MMPIs) developed by pharmaceutical companies had had zero effect on cancer metastasis.

The demise of these synthetic drugs left Ms. Tansey to conclude that there is no simple answer for cancer. Fortunately for the 1.2 million persons who will develop some form of cancer this year, she is mistaken. Dr. Rath’s natural approach to inhibiting cancer metastasis already has had a number of success stories. This approach is an effective, side-effect free option for stopping the spread of cancer cells naturally.

“The pharmaceutical approach to cancer had to fail because this business-driven industry deliberately sent researchers in the wrong direction,” Dr. Rath told the Health4Us Foundation in a recent telephone interview. In a series of free public lectures sponsored by the Health4Us Foundation earlier this month, Dr. Rath and his long-time research colleague Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Ph.D. the exciting results of their research were shared in Los Angeles and New York.

Known for his groundbreaking research which confirmed that human disease develops on the cellular level, Dr. Rath’s lecture series highlighting his most recent cancer research breakthrough brought new hope to all in attendance.

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn – O’Hare International in Chicago, Illinois,

Dr. Niedzwiecki, a preeminent molecular biochemist and biologist in her own right, will present this cancer research breakthrough during another free public lecture. To reserve a seat, please call 1-800-488-8840. To learn more about Dr. Rath’s cancer research, visit

The San Francisco Chronicle article and more information about the non-profit natural health organization Health4Us can be found at

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